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Carol's Story

Stephen and I got married on 28th July 2001 after a very short engagement. Although I already had 4 children from a previous relationship who were then aged 7, 8, 10 and 13, we discussed more children and I thought, “perhaps, maybe”. We decided to wait a few months before trying and then in January, feeling unwell, I did a test, which confirmed that I was pregnant, and the following week, a scan showed that there was more than one! I was given a due date of 28th August.

I had a difficult time during my pregnancy though I never suffered with morning sickness. By March, when the pregnancy was now well under way, we discussed moving house as there would obviously not be enough space for 8 of us in a 3 bed roomed bungalow. We sold the bungalow very quickly and the search was now on for our new home. With the help of the Internet, we soon found exactly what we were looking for in Milton Keynes. There were a few hiccups along the way and I was beginning to panic about if / when we would move.

Meanwhile, I got bigger and bigger and soon had trouble walking, sitting, standing, sleeping etc. I finished working early July at 32 weeks. At my next scan, the babies were both in a breech position and I was told to prepare myself for a c-section at 38 weeks. Somehow, I couldn’t envisage being able to keep going for that length of time.

At last we had a moving date – 26th July, I would be 35 weeks pregnant. I only hoped that I could keep going for that long. When the time arrived, I rested as much as was possible and spent most of the day sitting on my birthing ball – the only place I could sit comfortably. The removal men had come the previous day and packed everything – including my shoes which I had kicked off because of the swelling in my feet. The day before, I had put my hospital bag in my car – just in case.

At 1.30pm, we were ready to leave so I set off to Milton Keynes with my 4 children and a friend following in a car behind. Stephen was going to meet me at our new house. The journey took an hour and I was a bit apprehensive about driving that distance as I had trouble fitting behind the wheel (my tummy now measured 53 inches!), but there was no other way of doing it.

The removal men arrived at 3pm and soon all the boxes and furniture were unpacked. My friends Linda, Tony and Karen sorted out beds and curtains and I just sat and supervised as best I could. The removal men finally left at 6.15pm with Karen not far behind them. Linda was just finishing doing what she could before leaving when I had the most awful feeling down below – my waters had gone!

I quickly called Stephen, and then asked Linda if she could stay the night and look after my 4 children. Luckily she said, “Yes”. Next, I called the children to tell them what was happening, and then went to phone the hospital. We found a phone, called directory enquiries to find out where the nearest hospital was, called the hospital and with a map in our hands we were soon on our way.

We only make one wrong turning when more of my waters flooded the car but eventually found the hospital and the right entrance to be greeted by a smiling porter with a wheelchair.

I introduced myself to the midwife on duty and explained that I was supposed to be having a c-section. The monitors were set up and I had a scan to check the babies’ positions. The first baby was still breech and the second baby was now transverse. After an internal, the midwife said that I was 2cm dilated but that she could feel hair! She scanned me again and – yes the first baby was now head down so I was told that I could try to give birth naturally. As I was not expecting this, I had not bothered with a birth plan, so I quickly told the midwives what I would like to happen, filled them in on my previous experiences and warned them that once my contractions started, my labours were usually quite quick.

I had not even discussed a natural twin birth with my obstetrician so I was then given a rough idea of what to expect. I would be given a steroid injection to mature the babies’ lungs, a scalp monitor would be attached to the first baby and an epidural would be set up in case I needed a c-section after all, and finally a drip would be put in place as a precaution for me.

8.30 pm
The contractions had now started and Stephen and I were left alone while the staff got everything ready.

9.15 pm
We were looking at the monitor and the contractions seemed to be about 2 minutes apart so I asked Stephen to find a midwife and ask her to check on me. I was still very calm at that stage. When she examined me, she said that I was 8cm dilated and it was too late for steroids, scalp monitors epidurals, painkillers etc. All I could opt for was gas and air, though the drip was then set up in case I needed it later.

9.28 pm
I desperately wanted to push, and when the midwife examined me she said that I was almost there. Four minutes later and I had to push. There were hands all over my tummy when the first baby was about to be born, while one of the nurses was helping the second baby to get into the right position and stay there until it was her turn.

9.34 pm
The first baby was born screaming, Stephen quickly checked the sex – a girl and then she was placed on my tummy. Stephen then cut the cord and we both gazed at our daughter, took a few photos and then she was weighed at 5lb 13oz.

9.42 pm
After a short time, I was asked if I was ready for the second baby to be born and soon I wanted to push again and the second baby, now also head down arrived 8 minutes after her sister. Again Stephen checked the sex and announced the birth of another daughter. She weighed 5lb 10oz.

We then had time for cuddles, a breastfeed – both at the same time! and lots of photos, before we decided on names. Tiegan Elizabeth followed by Rhiannon Louise.

As the babies were 5 weeks early, it was the policy of the hospital to transfer them to SCBU for monitoring even though they both appeared to be in good health. At that point, I began to haemorrhage so had to stay in bed on my back and Stephen went to visit the girls in SCBU. At about 4am, I was transferred in a wheelchair to the postnatal ward and managed to see my babies in SCBU.

The next day, my babies were out of the incubators and began to breastfeed well, but remained in SCBU for observation. We spent a week (and my 1st wedding anniversary) in SCBU before being discharged. At last I was able to see my new home!

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