Kents Hill Community Centre Frithwood Crescent, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes, MK7 6HQ
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We meet every Monday morning (except Bank Holidays) from
10am-12pm, if it is your first visit, please call us first on 07765 051 285.

Membership is £10 per family per year, this covers the cost of our insurance.

A meeting fee of £2 per family per session will be charged to cover the cost of the hall hire and refreshments. As a club we also get some great deals on outings so you can make some savings.

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Parent's Stories

Keely's Story ...So off we went for our first scan. As the probe hit my tummy it showed, straight away, two opaque circles, I looked at him, he smiled and said told you so….as the sonographer said ‘yes that’s twins ok’.

HOW COULD SHE BE SO CALM! I wasn’t; I kept saying a very rude word for a long long time, as for him well he just couldn’t stop smiling at his luck or was it virility...


Carol's Story ...I had a difficult time during my pregnancy though I never suffered with morning sickness. By March, when the pregnancy was now well under way, we discussed moving house as there would obviously not be enough space for 8 of us in a 3 bed roomed bungalow. We sold the bungalow very quickly and the search was now on for our new home. With the help of the Internet, we soon found exactly what we were looking for in Milton Keynes. There were a few hiccups along the way and I was beginning to panic about if / when we would move...


For further information contact us on 07765 051 285 or email us at mkmultiples@googlemail.com

Tamba - Twins and Multiple Birth Association

Milton Keynes Community Foundation